Sunday, 6 June 2010

a Short Trip to Bandung

Few months ago, I went to Bandung with my hubby and my bestfriend, Hening. It's not our first trip to Bandung of course but we always excited about going to Bandung. It seems everyone just love going to Bandung for shopping or eating. Me, myself prefer to go to Bandung on weekday, because it isn't very crowded just like in the weekend (especially long weekend).  My fave spot in Bandung is yogurt Cisangkuy, they are very famous in Bandung. I love the yogurt because it tastes so fresh. My fave there is the grape and strawberry flavor yuuummm :)

Yogurt Cisangkuy

After the refreshing yogurts, we go around Bandung, it came to lunch time woohooo! we choose Tomodachi cafe. They serve Asian and European food. I ordered Tom Yang Goong, Hening ordered soup and my hubby ordered steak with yummy mushroom sauce. Aarghh why I didn't the same thing as my hubby did *drooling* 


ohh yes,  if you are a pet lover, you have to visit Pet Distro across Tomodachi. It's like pet heaven, you can find many cute stuff for your pet, that's including many snack for your pet. Too bad I didn't take any photos of Pet Distro.

Ever heard of Nanny's Pavilion? it's one of the hip place in Bandung now. With adorable, cute and comfortable interiors, you'll fall in love with Nanny's Pavilion. Their specialty is the pancake and the waffle. My hubby ordered Cookies and cream waffle, I ordered their fries and Hening ordered mango smoothies..yuup the smoothies is very refreshing yuuum. I love Nanny's Pavilion, you have to try Nanny's Pavilion if you visit Bandung. You won't regret me :)

Cookies and Cream's the best!! yumm

Last stop is Giggle Box, it's a new place. Their interior concept "mirip" dengan Nanny's pavilion. Too bad we sit outside, I'm soo curious to see their inside and upstairs interior. I think it's very comfortable. The food is very cheap! for steak it's only IDR 19,000!! Sayangnya menunya kurang bervariasi ya...maybe because they are still new in town? But after all Giggle Box is a nice place to hang out with friends.

Giggle Box

I really suggest you to spend the night in Bandung. A short trip really makes us exhausted. Next time we will spend a night or two when visiting Bandung. 


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