Friday, 21 March 2014


Rice papers is one of Vietnam traditional dish. Biasanya isinya udang and vegetables wrapped in a thin spring roll look a like skin which made from rice. It is looks like a raw spring rolls if you don't have any idea about it.  You can buy the skin at supermarket or food store that sells Asian ingredients.
Actually you can put anything you like inside your rice papers. Meat,chicken,seafood,veggies etc

I made these shrimp rice papers for my hubby's healthy snack. I just can't stand him eating gorengan or mie ayam as his late night snack at the office.

My rice papers filled with boiled shrimp, carrots, kyuri (Japanese cucumber) and glass noodles. Pretty healthy right?

Shrimp&Veggies Rice Paper

The sauce..."Nuoc Cham"
Got this recipe from Drool Factor

3-4 lime or lemon juice
2 tbs sugar
1/2 cup water
2 1/2 tbs fish sauce

Additional : garlic (chopped) and chilli paddy

Mix all the ingredients together :)

Rice Papers

Rice papers could be one of your choice of healthy snack. It is fresh, simple, sweet and delicious.