Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sate Klathak Pak Je Je

Many people said that you have to try sate klathak if you're in Jogja. Sate klathak is young goat satay.
Tried the one in Jombor area named Sate Klathak Pak Je Je. The satay is very tender and juicy. Luving the gulai/curry sauce!! Soo yummy :)

I also tried their tengkleng. Actually it is goat's marrow bone cooked in spicy herbs called bumbu rica-rica. It is so yummy and spicy. I suggest you to use straw to suck up the marrows inside. Quite a hard work to eat but very worth the flavor inside.

Really recommend these dishes if you're visiting Yogyakarta. The price?? Very affordable and worth the flavor.

Must try!!
Sate Klathak

Friday, 25 October 2013

Gudeg Yu Djum, Wijilan

This is my 2nd trip to Jogja. The 1st time when I was a lil girl and I didn't remember much from that trip. So this trip feels like my 1st trip to Yogyakarta.

First stop is Gudeg Yu Djum at Wijilan street. I'm not a big fan of gudeg and bacem food but to be honest this gudeg taste very nice. I love the sambal krecek. The chicken was also nice, not too sweet like those bacem food.

Gudeg Yu Djum has many branches but my driver told me that the one in Wijilan is a must try. Wijilan street is famous as gudeg central but Yu Djum is the most famous I think.
A must try food when you are visitng Yogyakarta :)

Wijilan street, gudeg center
Gudeg Yu Djum, Wijilan
Gudeg for lunch

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tjap Toean, a Peranakan Taste

Just had lunch at Tjap Toean which located at Pondok Indah Mall 1. The resto is quite unique, feels like in old chinese/peranakan kedai. Even the menu book is unique. Just like old newspaper. Feels like I'm traveling into the old indies days.
I had Roti Canai with Chicken Curry. It taste very nice. The portion was quite small but it is enough for my stomach.
I like this resto for their unique interior and nice taste too.This resto could be one of your choice if u want unique "peranakan" athmosphere around and also good taste too :)


Tjan Toean logo on the menu book
Just like old news paper
The interior
Roti Canai with Chicken Curry

Tjap Toean
Pondok Indah Mall
2nd Floor
Area 51 Unit 4
Phone : 021-7512369


Monday, 23 September 2013

Monday Morning Snack

I would love to start my week by eating healthy food. So I decided to have healthy snack through the day.

My morning snack is apple with peanut butter,it taste so yummy and of course it is healthy. It taste like rujak hehehe..

What is your morning snack? Let's eat healthy through this week :)


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Pinky Smoothie

Started my Saturday with this pink smoothie. It's yummy and also healthy.

What's your fave smoothies?pls share in the comment below or just tweet me @mayasmita ;)

Happy weekend all :)


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Mama Goose

Last thursday is a national holiday and my besties ask me to try this new resto called Mama Goose in Panglima Polim area. Cute name right? :)

The resto I think is trying to bring some industrial theme for their interior which is very trending right now. I've seen so many resto,cafes and even galeries with this kind of theme. Unique and youthful.

I ordered cheese burger and peach ice tea for my lunch. The burger is nice and tender. The peach tea is refreshing but I think I would to try something else if I go there again.

Cheese Burger

Ice Peach Tea

I don't order dessert because I'm too full x_x but actually I really really curious with their desserts. I heard their banofee pie is a must try. Well...will try their dessert if I go there again.

If you want to try Mama Goose, you better make a reservation 1st because they can be so full.

Mama Goose
Jl. Panglima Polim IX no.16
Jakarta Selatan

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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Warung Mie Aceh Setiabudi

I've been so curious about mie Aceh lately. I haven't tried it before and I heard it's delicious. One of the Mie Aceh stall in South Jakarta is Warung Mie Aceh Setiabudi beside SMA 3. It's not that hard to find if you already know where's SMA 3 located.

The warung is small and soo packed. Maybe because I went there at after office hour. Fortunately I can find a seat. The fragrance of the spices is in the air..making me hungry.

I ordered Mie Aceh Rebus with shrimp. It was nice and spicy. It would be more perfect if the spices could absorb more into the noodles and they could peeled the shrimp skin before they cook it. But it was nice afterall.

  Mie Aceh Rebus with Shrimp

And for the drink I ordered Ice Teh Tarik. I like this teh tarik. Very refreshing and not that sweet in my opinion. I don't like any drink that is too sweet. This teh tarik is very nice for me :)

Ice Teh Tarik

The price was also was pretty cheap. This warung would be a nice option for your lunch or dinner, especially if you're working around Setiabudi. Overall my experience at Warung Mie Aceh Setiabudi was nice. Would like to go there again and try different things on their menu :)

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Quaker Oats Cookies

Snacking is good for your healthy diet. Just make sure that you choose healthy food for your snack. Starving your body will only make you eat more and more at meal time.

Who doesn't know Quaker Oats? We all know Quaker Oats for their oats. And now they have oats cookies. To be honest I don't really like eating oats for breakfast or any meal time. But oats cookies? I will think about it ;)

At first I think these cookies are not that yummy..but I was wrong! These cookies are yummy! A very nice choice for your healthy snack. They have 3 flavors so you won't get bored. My fave is apple&cinnamon.

I really recommend these cookies for your everyday healthy snacks.


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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day ♥

Happy Valentine's day everyone ;)
Any special plan for this Valentine's day? Wish you all have very very lovely day....

These are some of my valentine creation..what do u think?


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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lunar New Year Lunch at Fook Yew

Last sunday is Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year celebration. Yayyy..welcoming the year of the snake. Well..I didn't have a big old traditiononal celebration just had a nice lunch with hubby and son. Because I still hold some of the CNY food myth so I insist to have Chinese cuisine. Yes..I still believe that eating noodles on new year will bring longevity hehehe..

We choose Fook Yew for our lunch. Located in Gandaria City, Fook Yew is a very unique and nice restaurant. I love the interior..reminds me of old Chinese tea house in those historical or kung fu movie.

We ordered xiao long bao, seafood fried noodles ( I really recommend it!!) ,sweet and sour chicken also tofu. The foods are very nice..good taste yuuumm..somehow the food taste is remind me of those small restaurants aroung HongKong which I miss a lot.

Overall Fook Yew is a very nice place to eat with friends or family. A very nice combination of unique interior and good food. So if u like unique place with good food, you should try Fook Yew ;)

Fook Yew
Gandaria City
Mainstreet Ground Floor unit MG 25


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Monday, 11 February 2013

Trying Konro at Raja Konro Daeng Naba

I never eat konro before. Maybe it's a shame as Indonesian that I haven't eat konro haha..what's konro? Basically it's a rib. Just like a rib in steak house but it comes with traditional ingredients.

Raja Konro Daeng Naba is specialised in Makasar foods such as grilled konro, konro soup, kaledo soup etc. The place is quite nice,with air con inside so you won't feel Jakarta's heat inside. They also have smoking area outside.

I ordered their spicy konro with thailand sauce. It's yummy and the meat is soft enough to bite and chew.

And for the dessert, I ordered their Es Pisang Ijo or green banana ice. It's banana covered with some green flour with sweet syrup,coconut and ice of course. The banana is not soft enough for me..the green flour thingy is kinda hard to chew. I prefer the soft one that easy to bite and melt in your mouth.

Overall Raja Konro is ok..pretty nice place and good spicy konro. Try if you are curious about Makasar food :)

Raja Konro Daeng Naba
Jl. Cikajang no.72
Kebayoran Baru,Jakarta Selatan.


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Friday, 8 February 2013

Shrimp Skewer with Salsa Sauce

Sometimes we don't have any idea what to cook and eat at home. Don't be..because I'm sure we all are have something inside our fridge or freezer to be cooked. Last night I was cleaning my freezer and I found shrimps that I bought last week. So I decided to do something with the shrimps and other ingredients from my fridge.

So here it is...Shrimps skewer with roasted potato and salsa sauce. Easy to make and yummy