Saturday, 3 December 2011

Pink Wedding Cake Pops

Soft pink theme cake pops for a lovely wedding,
I love making cake pops for special occasion like seems that I also can feel the love inside hihihihi *lebaayyy*

Cake pops for your special day? please feel free to contact me :)

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Monolog Brunch

Monolog is one of the hype place in Jakarta right now, located in Plaza Senayan, Palm Gate Entrance. This place is famously for their all day breakfast. Went there and I love this place! It's a nice place to have breakfast. Don't worry they also serve lunch and dinner too. This place is very nice to have breakfast before you start your activities, or maybe you can have your morning meeting with your clients here. It's a really nice place for sure. The ambience's there will makes you forget that you're in Jakarta and  near parking area in Plaza Senayan. 

Some cafe only serves breakfast or brunch menu in the morning, I went there around 11 AM and they already have all the menu..lovely! Monolog is famous for the breakfast menu, their breakfast menu recommendation is Pancake Breakfast, it's pancake with 2 eggs of your choice, beef bockwurst, fries, roasted tomato and banana..just right to give you positive energy in the morning to start the day. Another of their recommendation is Chicken Confit, a chicken version of duck confit, serves with potato, roasted tomato and garlic. It's so crispy and it! 

Pancake Breakfast

Chicken Confit

Too bad I didn't try their pastry because I'm in hurry to catch a movie at 12.30 AM...Next time I should try their pastry :) Overall, Monolog is a really nice place to start your day. I believe that we will have a good day if we start the day with good food and a nice place, don't you think so?


Plaza Senayan CP 101 B Palm Gate Entrance
JL. Asia Afrika No. 8 - Jakarta 10270
7 AM - 10 PM

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Stylish Food = Personality?

Jakarta Fashion Week is now on!! This event is being held in Pacific Place on 12th-18th November 2011. Lalu apa hubungannya Fashion Week dengan blog ini? Nope, I'm not gonna write something about fashion..but I want to write something about style..let's talk about Style..Stylish Food.

Apa itu stylish food? makanan yang punya style? high cuisine?
I've been asking some friends of mine about this, dan jawaban setiap orang berbeda-beda. Tiap orang punya definisi tersendiri untuk stylish food. Ada yang memilih Tiramisu sebagai stylish food mereka ada yang memilih Panna Cotta, hingga Foei Grass. Just like fashion, kita tidak bisa mengeneralisasikan style pada semua orang. Tiap individu memiliki gaya masing-masing. Begitu juga dengan makanan. 

Uniknya, dari berbagai jawaban mengenai stylish food yang saya dapat dari teman-teman saya, pilihan stylish food mereka sepertinya menggambarkan pribadi mereka masing-masing. Kembali lagi, just like seseorang menunjukan kepribadian orang tersebut. Very..very interesting right?

Misalnya, teman saya yang memilih tiramisu sebagai stylish foodnya, I can say tiramisu is sweet, soft and lovely yet has a bold taste..dan teman saya yang memilih tiramisu memang seperti itu orangnya, she's such a sweet, soft and lovely person but she likes adventure too.

Teman saya yang memilih Foei Gras pun seperti itu..Foei Grass memiliki detail yang cukup complicated, begitu juga dengan pembuatannya...yup my friend is a designer dan dia sangat detail. Teman saya yang memilih Panna Cotta mengatakan kalau Panna Cotta itu simple namun cantik, sesuai dengan kepribadiannya yang menyukai sesuatu yang simple namun tetap cantik dan bergaya. Lain lagi dengan teman saya yang mengatakan jika stylish food itu harus memiliki komposisi yang cantik dan harus memiliki nilai gizi yang seimbang juga..yup itu sangat menggambarkan teman saya yang sangat memperhatikan kesehatan. Sangat menarik ya bagaimana pilihan "stylish food" seseorang bisa menggambarkan kepribadiannya. 

panna cotta
Foie Gras with blackberry

Kalau saya sendiri, hmmm...I probably will choose macarons as my stylish food. It's small, cute but you have to master the technique if you want to make a perfect macarons..hmm apa kah itu menggambarkan kepribadian saya ya? hahaha....

cute macarons

So what is stylish food for you? 


photos :

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Dinner at Newton Circus

Newton Circus? no..I'm not talking about real circus here. It's Newton Food Centre or also known as Newton Circus. It's one of the food/hawker centre in Spore. Most of them are seafoods and they also give good price. And for the drink, you can find many different choice from beer, teh tarik and even fresh coconut. nothing is very very expensive here. Don't imagine hotel/restaurant's's hawker price! lovely! ;)

Most of the sellers are very nice and they give good and fast service. You don't have to wait that long for your food. Me and my family ordered seafood fried rice, grilled prawn (they come in different size of your choice), crispy baby squids, kang koong, grilled sting ray...yes sting ray! and it's so yummy, also ordered chili crab ow don't forget the sambal..yuumm..big dinner :)

Seafood fried rice and kang koong

yummy grilled prawn and crispy baby squids

this is the sting ray :p

and finally....chili crab!!

Newton Food Centre is nice for family dinner or just to have dinner with some friends before you start your nightlife in Singapore. Choices of food may vary but not that much..most of them serve the same menu. But overall it's nice, like this food centre, recommend this and would like to come again.  


Friday, 4 November 2011

Afternoon Tea at TWG

What do you have in your mind when you hear the words "afternoon tea"? British?London?England? 
I guess afternoon tea is also a lifestyle in Singapore. Maybe because of the British influences too...but we, Asian also have our own tea culture. I guess that's why afternoon tea is famously common in Spore. I've googled and found many good places for afternoon tea in Singapore. Many of them are luxury hotels. One of the famous afternoon tea boutique is TWG. As you know TWG is one of the famous tea brand in the world.

I went to TWG  at Ion Mall, it's like a small tea boutique in the centre of the mall. In the afternoon it is very crowded so you have to wait to be seated. I guess you better make a reservation first if you don't want to wait. TWG has sooo many different choices of tea. And they have great packaging too for their tea. Each tea has interesting name, like "Love Me" tea which I ordered. Love Me tea has a flavor of strawberry, it is sweet and lovely. TWG have different packages for afternoon tea, they are include the tea and the food such as scones, muffin, finger sandwiches etc etc. But if you feel the package is too much for yourself, you can just order your tea and some of their yummy, beautiful pastry such as macaron. 

My experience in TWG was the tea, the foods but don't like the crowdedness hahaha..I bet it will be more cozy if the place is not that crowded. 


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Shopping? Don't Forget Lunch!

Singapore is very famous with the malls, so many malls around that attract many tourist to come and come again to Spore. Sometimes we just forgot to have lunch while shopping..well it's not good. Shopping while you're hungry will make you want to buy anything around which you actually don't need. So my suggestion is, don't forget to have lunch even you're in the middle of shopping ;)

All malls of course have food court or food center, and they are usually cheaper than eating in a restaurant in the mall and they have many different choices food. If you want to save money for your shopping in Singapore, I suggest you to eat in the food court, you'll save more money for shopping ;) Don't worry about the taste, they serve good food. 

I forgot in which mall I ate this lunch, maybe Paragon or Takashimaya....totally forgot x_x
All I remember is the food court is nice, clean and serves many different foods. Even you can find fresh scallops there...half dozen for $18, pretty cheap I guess for fresh scallops. I choose Japanese food for my lunch. Udon, some tempura and deep fried vegetables is more than enough to give me energy to continue the shopping hahaha....

Happy lunch anyone.....

Pssst...if you know any food place that cheaper than mall's food court in Singapore please tell me...I would like to save more money errrr....I mean, I would like to try and write review about it hehehe :p

Happy lunch anyone...keep healthy ;)


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Nice Breakfast at Canele

It's not that hard to find breakfast in Singapore, since they have so many food places all around. Most of the malls there have restaurants,cafes, bakeries that open early in the morning. The simplest choice is going to Seven Eleven and buy some simple food there. But I don't want to eat simple food now..I want some yummy English or continental breakfast. I didn't know before that Canele also serves breakfast, all I know that Canele is one of the nice and interesting patisserie in Spore. Oh yes..their pastry is soo tempting also they have nice packaging too for their pastry. Too bad I didn't try the macarons there. I definitely would like to try their macaron when I go to Spore again.

Canele has many different choices of food and pastry. Mom chooses something simple for her breakfast. She ordered hot chocolate, plain croissant and chocolate muffin..yuumm yuumm.

 I ordered  (oppss forget the name on the menu) egg (omelet), salad and toast...yuum very energizing to start your day. My brother ordered scrambled egg, toast, sauté mushroom, roasted tomato and beans..soo yummy.  

Overall, Canele is a nice place to start your day if you're not in a hurry. A cozy atmosphere and yummy foods are nice combination to start the day. Don't forget to have good, healthy breakfast wherever you are, because good, healthy breakfast will give you positive energy to start the day. Happy breakfast all :)


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Night at Clarke Quay

Finally arrived in Singapore, after about half an hour delay. I didn't take any pic at the airport because I'm kinda busy with immigration and baggages stuff. I just went straight away to the hotel to meet my mom. We decided to have dinner at Clarke Quay then. I've heard that Clarke Quay is one of the hype place in Singapore..curious!

Arrived there....
Clarke Quay is a big "hang out place" with lotsa cafes and club which is reminds me of Kemang in South Jakarta or Kuta, Bali. Very very interesting and unique place. 

We decided to have dinner in Hot Stones cafe there. The interesting stuff in Hot Stones is we can cook our on dinner in a hot stone. But since I feel kinda tired to cook anything, so I just ask them to cook for us. I choose lamb rack...yumm yumm. Don't worry if you don't like red meat because they also serve seafood.

Overall, Clarke Quay is an interesting place to hang out with friends or family. I would like to come again and try different cafe/restaurant there or maybe try clubbing there.

pssst... dont forget to go to Turkish ice cream stand'll get surprises there ;)


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I've been dreaming to make red velvet cake/cupcakes since I saw red velvet on the web and tried's very soft, buttery flavour and wonder it called red velvet. Finally I tried to make it and voila!! Love the result soo much!! maybe it's not that perfect but hey practice makes perfect right? This cupcake has become one of my favorite cupcakes. I Love these cupcakes soo much!

Beautifully Red Velvet Cupcakes

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Grilled Chicken with Savory Rice

Feeling for Asian food? I made this recipe for my dinner few days ago. It's quite simple and it's yummy especially if you like Asian food. I called this recipe "Grilled Chicken with Savory Rice". Of course you know grilled chicken, but savory rice?'s not that difficult to make, in fact it's very simple..all you need is your rice cooker and rice of coure ;)

you'll need :

  • chicken breast (boneless)
  • soy sauce
  • sweet soy sauce
  • garlic (diced)
  • lemon
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • rice wine vinegar *optional

how to :

  • clean the chicken, pat dry then squeeze lemon juice all over the chicken.
  • sprinkle salt and pepper, diced garlic all over the chicken
  • rub the chicken with soy sauce and rice wine vinegar, then put in the fridge for about 1-2 hours (more is better)
  • grilled it
  • sprinkle it with sesame :)

Savory rice? you'll need:

  • rice
  • garlic powder
  • dried chilli
  • salt
  • black pepper

how to : put rice into rice cooker then sprinkle all the condiments all over the rice then turn on your rice cooker and wait until it cooked.

voila! very simple right? enjoy dinner :)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New menu from Burger King, Mozzarella Stick! yuuummm

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

I'm outta idea for making dinner recipe and I only got chicken on my fridge. Another grilled chicken? sounds boring huh? well what should I make then? Since I love mushroom sauce so much, why don't I try to make grilled chicken with mushroom sauce.

what you need :

  • chicken breast (boneless)
  • butter
  • garlic
  • rosemary
  • white wine (optional)
  • cooking cream or milk (I recommend cooking cream instead of milk)
  • mushroom

how to :

  • dice garlic
  • rub chicken with butter,garlic and rosemary, put in the fridge for like 1-2 hours
  • take the chicken from the fridge and grill it

mushroom sauce :

  • cut mushroom
  • dice garlic
  • sauté the mushroom with garlic
  • add cream and butter on it
  • cook it till thick

Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce

Monday, 31 January 2011

An exclusive wedding souvenir
Love the colours and of course the chocolate inside :)

Friday, 28 January 2011

A Gift from Vienna

My mom just received this uniquely exclusive box from her friend, who lives in Vienna...hmm what's inside??

It's a cake called Sarcher Torte, from Hotel Sarcher, an exclusive classical hotel in Vienna. This cake is their specialty and they even copyrighted it as the original Sarcher Torte.

This cake is very chocolaty and of course very sweet. It's usually eaten in the afternoon or for dessert with coffee.