Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Night at Clarke Quay

Finally arrived in Singapore, after about half an hour delay. I didn't take any pic at the airport because I'm kinda busy with immigration and baggages stuff. I just went straight away to the hotel to meet my mom. We decided to have dinner at Clarke Quay then. I've heard that Clarke Quay is one of the hype place in Singapore..curious!

Arrived there....
Clarke Quay is a big "hang out place" with lotsa cafes and club which is reminds me of Kemang in South Jakarta or Kuta, Bali. Very very interesting and unique place. 

We decided to have dinner in Hot Stones cafe there. The interesting stuff in Hot Stones is we can cook our on dinner in a hot stone. But since I feel kinda tired to cook anything, so I just ask them to cook for us. I choose lamb rack...yumm yumm. Don't worry if you don't like red meat because they also serve seafood.

Overall, Clarke Quay is an interesting place to hang out with friends or family. I would like to come again and try different cafe/restaurant there or maybe try clubbing there.

pssst... dont forget to go to Turkish ice cream stand there....you'll get surprises there ;)



  1. meoong wish i could come with you to singapore :) :) seems very yummy and exciting there

  2. wow seems very interesting there and the food is yummy yum yum,,