Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Nice Breakfast at Canele

It's not that hard to find breakfast in Singapore, since they have so many food places all around. Most of the malls there have restaurants,cafes, bakeries that open early in the morning. The simplest choice is going to Seven Eleven and buy some simple food there. But I don't want to eat simple food now..I want some yummy English or continental breakfast. I didn't know before that Canele also serves breakfast, all I know that Canele is one of the nice and interesting patisserie in Spore. Oh yes..their pastry is soo tempting also they have nice packaging too for their pastry. Too bad I didn't try the macarons there. I definitely would like to try their macaron when I go to Spore again.

Canele has many different choices of food and pastry. Mom chooses something simple for her breakfast. She ordered hot chocolate, plain croissant and chocolate muffin..yuumm yuumm.

 I ordered  (oppss forget the name on the menu) egg (omelet), salad and toast...yuum very energizing to start your day. My brother ordered scrambled egg, toast, sauté mushroom, roasted tomato and beans..soo yummy.  

Overall, Canele is a nice place to start your day if you're not in a hurry. A cozy atmosphere and yummy foods are nice combination to start the day. Don't forget to have good, healthy breakfast wherever you are, because good, healthy breakfast will give you positive energy to start the day. Happy breakfast all :)


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