Thursday, 3 November 2011

Shopping? Don't Forget Lunch!

Singapore is very famous with the malls, so many malls around that attract many tourist to come and come again to Spore. Sometimes we just forgot to have lunch while shopping..well it's not good. Shopping while you're hungry will make you want to buy anything around which you actually don't need. So my suggestion is, don't forget to have lunch even you're in the middle of shopping ;)

All malls of course have food court or food center, and they are usually cheaper than eating in a restaurant in the mall and they have many different choices food. If you want to save money for your shopping in Singapore, I suggest you to eat in the food court, you'll save more money for shopping ;) Don't worry about the taste, they serve good food. 

I forgot in which mall I ate this lunch, maybe Paragon or Takashimaya....totally forgot x_x
All I remember is the food court is nice, clean and serves many different foods. Even you can find fresh scallops there...half dozen for $18, pretty cheap I guess for fresh scallops. I choose Japanese food for my lunch. Udon, some tempura and deep fried vegetables is more than enough to give me energy to continue the shopping hahaha....

Happy lunch anyone.....

Pssst...if you know any food place that cheaper than mall's food court in Singapore please tell me...I would like to save more money errrr....I mean, I would like to try and write review about it hehehe :p

Happy lunch anyone...keep healthy ;)


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