Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Monolog Brunch

Monolog is one of the hype place in Jakarta right now, located in Plaza Senayan, Palm Gate Entrance. This place is famously for their all day breakfast. Went there and I love this place! It's a nice place to have breakfast. Don't worry they also serve lunch and dinner too. This place is very nice to have breakfast before you start your activities, or maybe you can have your morning meeting with your clients here. It's a really nice place for sure. The ambience's there will makes you forget that you're in Jakarta and  near parking area in Plaza Senayan. 

Some cafe only serves breakfast or brunch menu in the morning, I went there around 11 AM and they already have all the menu..lovely! Monolog is famous for the breakfast menu, their breakfast menu recommendation is Pancake Breakfast, it's pancake with 2 eggs of your choice, beef bockwurst, fries, roasted tomato and banana..just right to give you positive energy in the morning to start the day. Another of their recommendation is Chicken Confit, a chicken version of duck confit, serves with potato, roasted tomato and garlic. It's so crispy and it! 

Pancake Breakfast

Chicken Confit

Too bad I didn't try their pastry because I'm in hurry to catch a movie at 12.30 AM...Next time I should try their pastry :) Overall, Monolog is a really nice place to start your day. I believe that we will have a good day if we start the day with good food and a nice place, don't you think so?


Plaza Senayan CP 101 B Palm Gate Entrance
JL. Asia Afrika No. 8 - Jakarta 10270
7 AM - 10 PM

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