Thursday, 18 March 2010

Cheesy Smoked Beef French Toast

The 1st person who taught me to make a simple french toast was my mom. I was a lil girl at that time when I saw my mom making french toast for our breakfast. And now my mom's french toast has became one of my fave recipe. It's very simple, yummy and healthy for breakfast. So If you're outa idea for your breakfast, maybe you could try this recipe. It's the collaboration of my mom french toast with my own modification, Cheesy Smoked Beef French toast *sounds weird* hahahaha....

you'll need :

  • breads
  • smoked beef
  • sliced cheese
  • eggs

how to?

  • crack the eggs, whisk them
  • put smoked beef & cheese into the bread (just like make sandwich)
  • coat the bread with eggs batter
  • grilled the bread with grilling pan, until it's done and has a grilling mark.
  • serve the french toast with fresh milk & fruit..voila! you have one healthy breakfast :)

If you don't like something cheesy and beefy, just leave them and make a simple french toast. Then sprinkle it with icing sugar or pour honey or maple syrup on top of it (just like pancake).

Cheesy Smoked Beef French Toast :)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Spicy Chicken Bok Coy

I'm feeling for something spicy and veggies. And Tarmi, my kitchen assistant, just bought bok coy from the market. So let's do something with this fresh bok coy. No..don't think that I'll make something so extravagant, this is just a simple recipe but yet it's quite healthy.   

You'll need :

  • chicken breast, cut it into small cuts
  • 5-6 cove garlic, diced it
  • chilies, cut it (you can put more chilies if you like it hot&spicy)
  • soy sauce
  • bokcoy

How to?

  • Marinate the chicken with soy sauce, garlic and chilies. Put it in the fridge for about an hour or more so it will absorb into the chicken. 
  • After that grilled the chicken
  • While grilling the chicken, boil the bok coy (don't boil them too long or you're gonna loose the freshness),  drained then pour them with cold water to stop the boiling process (this will make the bok choy stay&look fresh)
  • When the chicken is done, serve it with rice, bok coy and soy sauce+cut chilies

Spicy Chicken Bok Coy

Monday, 15 March 2010

Mendoan Khas Kampung Halamanku

Siapa yang tak kenal Mendoan? Tempe berbalutkan tepung dan digoreng setengah matang yang merupakan khas Purwokerto ini sudah dikenal oleh masyarakat kita. Mendoan berasal dari kata Mendo yang berarti setengah matang atau lembek. Sebagai orang Purwokerto (leluhur doang), tempe Mendoan ini sudah menjadi santapan khas di rumah. Pokoknya kalau inget Oemah Sekartadji (my residence-red) pasti inget karo mendoane. Oemah Sekartadji dan mendoan nampaknya sudah menjadi satu bagian yang tidak bisa dipisahkan, terbukti dengan banyaknya teman keluarga yang kerap mencari Mendoan ketika bertandang ke rumah bahkan memesan Mendoan khas Oemah Sekartadji for their special occasion ;) 

Menggoreng mendoan itu gampang-gampang susah untuk mendapatkan rasa setengah matang yang pas. Mendoan biasanya disajikan bersama dengan sambal kecap (kecap manis+cabai rawit) atau cukup dengan cabai rawit saja. Saya sendiri lebih suka menikmati mendoan dengan cabai rawit yang pedas. Waaahh rasanya benar-benar muanntapp..kalau kata Pak Bondan, makk nyuss..hehehehe...

Penasaran sama Mendoan Oemah Sekartadji? boleh kapan-kapan pesan ya....hehehehe...*teteup*

 Mendoan khas Oemah Sekartadji

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

An Afternoon at Portico

Last Friday, I went to Portico with Hening&Fany. It's located at Senayan City, ground floor. The best way to reach Portico is through Starbucks. have to go out from Starbucks first to reach Portico but at least you wont feel Jakarta's heat if you go there through Starbucks haha..Portico is a very nice place to hang out with besties. It isn't noisy and not very crowded so you can chit chat and relax with your best friends while enjoying the view of Senayan. Love the ambience's there..very comfy and makes you wants to stay longer just to enjoy the cocktail and chit chat with your best friends. I haven't tried the cocktails yet but they all are very tempting hehe..The Outdoor area is the best looking area in Portico, too bad it's pretty hot there. But the area between outdoor and indoor area is pretty cool too. You won't feel the Jakarta's heat and still can enjoy the view. I really recommend you to make reservation first before you go to Portico so you will get the best seat.

The cute outdoor area

Portico has many selection on the menu from European to Asian. Their appetizer and snacks looks so tempting. Me and Fany ordered Portabella Mushroom with Cream Cheese and Smoked Marlin. Hening as usual just ordered something to drink. I like this Portabella Mushroom with Cream Cheese and Smoked Marlin. The Portabella tastes so fresh and so does the smoked Marlin yuumm.. and believe me, it's kinda big for a appetizer..likeyy likeeyy :)

Portabella Mushroom with Cream Cheese and Smoked Marlin

Overall, Portico is a good and comfy place for hang out. Especially if you like cocktails. If you'd really like to try Portico, you better make a reservation first at +62 21 72781641.  

Friday, 5 March 2010

Spicy Grilled Buttered Chicken Stuffed with Garlic Mushroom

I was thinking to make something healthy for dinner, then my friend, Dewi came with this idea. She suggested me to make grilled chicken stuffed with spinach. Checked my fridge, apparently I don't have any spinach in there, but hey..I still got mushroom *triing* why don't I stuffed the mushroom inside the chicken, it's still healthy though. Well, I could say this is one of my healthy recipe, because the chicken is grilled, it has mushrooms&garlics too. Overall I LOVE this dinner menu, would like to cook it again someday and will try spinach for the stuffing :)

You'll need:

  • Chicken breast/fillet
  • butter
  • garlic (diced)
  • crushed chilies
  • basil
  • mushroom (any kind)

How to :

  • Saute the mushroom with butter&garlic, put a side, let it cool
  • Cut the chicken (make a pocket of it)
  • Put the garlic mushroom inside the chicken
  • rubed the chicken with butter,garlic, basil&crushed chilies, let the spices absorbed by put it in the fridge for like 1 hour (more is better)
  • Grilled the chicken untill done
  • Serve your grilled chicken with boiled vegetables and fries/mashed potatoes or any other that you like :)

Spicy Grilled Buttered Chicken Stuffed with Garlic Mushroom

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Lazy Sunday Breakfast

Last sunday my hubby wasn't feeling so well, so we decided to stay at home on Sunday. Usually he will drag me to go somewhere to get us some breakfast. I'm not a big fan of jajan so this is my chance to cook something for his breakfast, just a simple foods with lotsa love on it *lebaaayy* 

I only made him BBQ beef sausages (sausages marinated with BBQ sauce) and sunny side egg. Simple but yummy. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you will have lots of energy and will feel great if you have a good healthy breakfast :)   

Happy Breakfast all!!

BBQ beef sausages and sunny side egg for our lazy Sunday breakfast :)

Monday, 1 March 2010

February Cupcakes Parade

These are some cupcakes that I made during February :)

Welcoming the Year of The Tiger

Treadmill & Barbel cupcakes for a gym lover

Chanel?LV?Hermes? or maybe cameras?

If you want to see all my cupcakes/cakes collection please feel free to visit my flickr page. Or please contact me at for more info :)

Happy baking all :)