Thursday, 18 March 2010

Cheesy Smoked Beef French Toast

The 1st person who taught me to make a simple french toast was my mom. I was a lil girl at that time when I saw my mom making french toast for our breakfast. And now my mom's french toast has became one of my fave recipe. It's very simple, yummy and healthy for breakfast. So If you're outa idea for your breakfast, maybe you could try this recipe. It's the collaboration of my mom french toast with my own modification, Cheesy Smoked Beef French toast *sounds weird* hahahaha....

you'll need :

  • breads
  • smoked beef
  • sliced cheese
  • eggs

how to?

  • crack the eggs, whisk them
  • put smoked beef & cheese into the bread (just like make sandwich)
  • coat the bread with eggs batter
  • grilled the bread with grilling pan, until it's done and has a grilling mark.
  • serve the french toast with fresh milk & fruit..voila! you have one healthy breakfast :)

If you don't like something cheesy and beefy, just leave them and make a simple french toast. Then sprinkle it with icing sugar or pour honey or maple syrup on top of it (just like pancake).

Cheesy Smoked Beef French Toast :)

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