Thursday, 25 February 2010

Culinary Weekend, Kedai & Pacific Place

It's been a while that I haven't update my blog. I just edited some photos of my last weekend culinary journey hehe..Last weekend is full of resto and foods for me. On friday I went to Pejaten village with Hening & Fany to watch a movie. After movie, Fany has to go home because her hubby already waiting for her Hening lanjut by going to Kedai which located at Jl. Benda, South Jakarta. I've heard many reviews about Kedai from my friends, they said the place is very unique yet comfy. Curious? believe me, it is very unique and comfy. We ordered bakwan and hot tea there. The Bakwan portion is kinda big, it's yummy and the price is very very affordable. Very nice!

Sunday, another movie day for me and Hening, it's weekend so hubby also join us. Before the movie, we ate our lunch at Pancious which is famous for the  pancakes. But this time we didn't order any pancakes. I ordered fries with some kind of spicy mayonnaise (I forget the name on the menu) and my hubby ordered cheeseburger. What I love about Pancious : Foods are yummy, many variety on the menu, unique pancakes and the price is affordable. I think that's the thing that makes Pancious is crowded most of the times.

After movie, we went to Urban Kitchen to meet Fany, Ewien and Adit.  We already full because of our lunch so we only ordered something to drink. I ordered cold milo my fave :) Fany as usual ordered frozen yogurt, yup she's a yogurt lover. If u r looking for a good yummy yogurt you can ask her. 

Guess what?! after Urban Kitchen, me, hubby, Hening and Adit masih lanjut to find something for dinner...err actually it's only hubby and Adit. I am too full to eat. We choose Riung Sunda, a sundanese resto. They serve many Sundanese menu with affordable prices. I love the sambal terasi there. It's delicious but I think it's kinda salty. But overall Riung Sunda is a must try place if you go to Pacific place.

Ok that's all from me now...I'm gonna post recipes and food reviews later. If you have any recomendation about recipe, foods, restaurant or anything about food, please feel free to write on the comment or on my shoutbox :)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Spicy Minced Beef in Pita Bread

I'm outta idea for making good dinner. I keep thinking to make Chicken Kretek (got the recipe from one of NCC member) but I'm just too lazy to buy a whole chicken hehe..pls don't follow my laziness :p maybe I'll make it sometime on the weekend? let's just see :)

So I decide to make something simple but yet can make you full once you eat it. And I just remembered that I have Pita bread that I bought from Kem Chick, then I think why don't I make something beefy then stuffs it inside the pita bread. It's very simple and easy to make, all you need is :

  • Pita Bread
  • Minced beef
  • Chili sauce
  • Crushed Chili/Chili flakes
  • Onion (slice it)
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cheese (dice it)
  • salt, pepper, sugar

Fry the sliced onion and the minced beef. Add garlic, pepper, sugar on it. Then put chili sauce and chili flakes, put aside. Meanwhile cut the pita bread, don't cut it into half but try to make a pocket of it. Put the pocket pita bread on grilling pan, grill it until it has grilled mark. Then put the lettuce, tomato, cheese or any other condiments of your choice and of course the spicy minced beef. Yuumm..your spicy minced beef in pita bread is ready :)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Homemade Lasagna & Macarons Wanabe

I got this yummy delicious lasagna recipe from mba Ria's blog, her lasagna with the super yummy cheese sauce make me drooled I decide to try her recipe for our dinner menu and to ease my sadness because of my failure macarons boohoo :(  yes macarons recipe looks very simple to make but it's very complicated when it came to the making process *sad*.

Back to the lasagna, the result is pretty good..I love it and it tasted soo yummy! this is one of the recipe that you should try at home especially if you are a cheese lover. 

Guess what?? I got a surprise about my macarons wannabe. When I was preparing our dinner, I looked at hubby and suddenly realized he's eating my macarons wannabe and also did my brother! They said they like it !! :) I'm very very surprised that they like my macarons wanna be. It really boost up my cooking spirit and I can't wait to try to make the real French Macarons! yup I know it really need hard works and more learning to mastered French Macarons but I don't want to give up :)

Macarons wannabe :p

Monday, 15 February 2010

Girls Day Out, Plaza Indonesia 12th Feb 2010

Last friday I went to Plaza Indonesia with my best friends. It feels like I haven't meet them for sooo long time so I'm so glad to see them all. Actually we planned to have dinner at Pizza e Bira, but Rima said the seating there is not very cozy so we changed our plan then go to Canteen. I've heard many reviews bout Canteen but hey I have to try it by my own. I like the atmosphere there, it's nice and cozy. And guess what they have bag hanger on the bar area, so you don't need to hug your bag all the times when you sit at the bar area.

I ordered Spaghetti Aglio Olio for my dinner..err early dinner exactly :). It's yummy but since I am a cheese lover I have to put so much parmessan cheese and chilli flakes on top of it. But overall the spaghetti aglio olio is ok. Rima ordered mini hot dog but believe me it's not mini at all, I wonder how big is the "not mini hot dog" is?? Hening and Fany just ordered some drinks there.

my order, Spaghetti Aglio Olio with chicken

After Canteen, we went down to Bakerzin because I'm craving for macarons hehe..Fany also want to buy valentine's gift for her hubby at Food Hall,aww how sweet she is :) I didn't buy anything for my hubby...I'm soo soorry hubby :p

Chocolate Raspberry macaron for my dessert

my culinary journey on that friday didn't stop at Bakerzin. Hubby picked me up there then we go to Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih because he felt hungry again..yes he already ate at the office then suddenly felt hungry again..hihihi..too bad I didn't take any photographs there.

I can't wait for another girls day out with my best friends and another culinary journey with my when will our next dinner? lunch? breakfast? anyone?? hehe....

Happy Valentine's Day!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Happy Valentine's day all :)  I knew it's H+1 now but I still want to wish you all a wonderful full of love and happiness new year of the tiger!! What I love about this "love month"? I got Valentine's day order from my friend, Sany and from my mom and I also join Natural Cooking Food Photography Club event "In love with food". I never join any of Natural Cooking Club before but now I have the courage to join one of their event. 

Strawberry jam filled cupcakes, my entry for NCFPC event "In love with food"

This is Sany's order :)

mom order these cupcakes for her friends :)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Airsoft & Cute lil Ninja Cupcakes

My friend, Andinta ordered these cupcakes for her boyfriend's brother birthday :) 

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Pizza Bread for Quick Dinner

I catch a flu since 2 days ago and it seems that I have lost my appetite. But since I have to take my medicine so I have to force myself to eat something. I can't even think now, even to search for any recipe on the net :( so I try to make something that is very very simple for my quick dinner...yes I need it quickly so I can go to bed quickly...hatsyiiii *sneezing*

I got this recipe from Bara Pattiradjawane's cook book "Masak Seru bareng si Tukang Masak" then I made my own modification on my pizza bread.  all you need is......

  • 2-3 tbsp of bottled pasta sauce 
  • 2 slices of smoked beef (you can use any other meaty stuff)
  • bread of course
  • cheese (I use quick melt and mozzarella)

spread the pasta sauce on to the bread then put smoked beef and cheese on top of it. Put it in your microwave for like 3 minutes or if you don't have microwave you can put it in your oven for like 5-10 minutes until the cheese is melts.  Then, done..!! your pizza bread is ready to serve.


My pizza bread was ready when my hubby got home yayyy...then I made us some hot drink to enjoy, hot Milo for me and hot tea tarik for him. When he saw my pizza bread he quickly grabbed one and ate it hehehe...I really love seeing him enjoying any kind of food that I cook :) Love u so much hubby *kisskiss*                 

                                 Hot Milo for me and hot tea tarik for him                                                                                                                              

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Macaroni Day

I made this baked macaroni for my brother who just came back from Bandung (now he's in Bandung again duh). The recipe is the same with my baked spaghetti recipe, just substitute spaghetti to macaroni. 

When the baked macaroni is done, I still got few macaroni left. Hmmm what should I do with this leftover? I look in the refrigerator and I found few tuna I decide to make spicy tuna macaroni salad. The recipe is soo easy. I just mix my macaroni and tuna with sandwich spread (yes sandwich spread!) add a lil bit of lemon juice, black pepper and crushed chillies to add the spiciness. The taste is very yummy yet very fresh! Love my spicy tuna macaroni salad! :)

I love making foods from leftover, you don't waste anything and you can save more by not wasting anything from your refrigerator. But please if you want to make something from leftover, check the expire date of the foods or check them whether they are still in good condition.