Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Macaroni Day

I made this baked macaroni for my brother who just came back from Bandung (now he's in Bandung again duh). The recipe is the same with my baked spaghetti recipe, just substitute spaghetti to macaroni. 

When the baked macaroni is done, I still got few macaroni left. Hmmm what should I do with this leftover? I look in the refrigerator and I found few tuna I decide to make spicy tuna macaroni salad. The recipe is soo easy. I just mix my macaroni and tuna with sandwich spread (yes sandwich spread!) add a lil bit of lemon juice, black pepper and crushed chillies to add the spiciness. The taste is very yummy yet very fresh! Love my spicy tuna macaroni salad! :)

I love making foods from leftover, you don't waste anything and you can save more by not wasting anything from your refrigerator. But please if you want to make something from leftover, check the expire date of the foods or check them whether they are still in good condition.

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