Thursday, 25 February 2010

Culinary Weekend, Kedai & Pacific Place

It's been a while that I haven't update my blog. I just edited some photos of my last weekend culinary journey hehe..Last weekend is full of resto and foods for me. On friday I went to Pejaten village with Hening & Fany to watch a movie. After movie, Fany has to go home because her hubby already waiting for her Hening lanjut by going to Kedai which located at Jl. Benda, South Jakarta. I've heard many reviews about Kedai from my friends, they said the place is very unique yet comfy. Curious? believe me, it is very unique and comfy. We ordered bakwan and hot tea there. The Bakwan portion is kinda big, it's yummy and the price is very very affordable. Very nice!

Sunday, another movie day for me and Hening, it's weekend so hubby also join us. Before the movie, we ate our lunch at Pancious which is famous for the  pancakes. But this time we didn't order any pancakes. I ordered fries with some kind of spicy mayonnaise (I forget the name on the menu) and my hubby ordered cheeseburger. What I love about Pancious : Foods are yummy, many variety on the menu, unique pancakes and the price is affordable. I think that's the thing that makes Pancious is crowded most of the times.

After movie, we went to Urban Kitchen to meet Fany, Ewien and Adit.  We already full because of our lunch so we only ordered something to drink. I ordered cold milo my fave :) Fany as usual ordered frozen yogurt, yup she's a yogurt lover. If u r looking for a good yummy yogurt you can ask her. 

Guess what?! after Urban Kitchen, me, hubby, Hening and Adit masih lanjut to find something for dinner...err actually it's only hubby and Adit. I am too full to eat. We choose Riung Sunda, a sundanese resto. They serve many Sundanese menu with affordable prices. I love the sambal terasi there. It's delicious but I think it's kinda salty. But overall Riung Sunda is a must try place if you go to Pacific place.

Ok that's all from me now...I'm gonna post recipes and food reviews later. If you have any recomendation about recipe, foods, restaurant or anything about food, please feel free to write on the comment or on my shoutbox :)

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