Monday, 15 February 2010

Girls Day Out, Plaza Indonesia 12th Feb 2010

Last friday I went to Plaza Indonesia with my best friends. It feels like I haven't meet them for sooo long time so I'm so glad to see them all. Actually we planned to have dinner at Pizza e Bira, but Rima said the seating there is not very cozy so we changed our plan then go to Canteen. I've heard many reviews bout Canteen but hey I have to try it by my own. I like the atmosphere there, it's nice and cozy. And guess what they have bag hanger on the bar area, so you don't need to hug your bag all the times when you sit at the bar area.

I ordered Spaghetti Aglio Olio for my dinner..err early dinner exactly :). It's yummy but since I am a cheese lover I have to put so much parmessan cheese and chilli flakes on top of it. But overall the spaghetti aglio olio is ok. Rima ordered mini hot dog but believe me it's not mini at all, I wonder how big is the "not mini hot dog" is?? Hening and Fany just ordered some drinks there.

my order, Spaghetti Aglio Olio with chicken

After Canteen, we went down to Bakerzin because I'm craving for macarons hehe..Fany also want to buy valentine's gift for her hubby at Food Hall,aww how sweet she is :) I didn't buy anything for my hubby...I'm soo soorry hubby :p

Chocolate Raspberry macaron for my dessert

my culinary journey on that friday didn't stop at Bakerzin. Hubby picked me up there then we go to Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih because he felt hungry again..yes he already ate at the office then suddenly felt hungry again..hihihi..too bad I didn't take any photographs there.

I can't wait for another girls day out with my best friends and another culinary journey with my when will our next dinner? lunch? breakfast? anyone?? hehe....

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