Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Dinner at Newton Circus

Newton Circus? no..I'm not talking about real circus here. It's Newton Food Centre or also known as Newton Circus. It's one of the food/hawker centre in Spore. Most of them are seafoods and they also give good price. And for the drink, you can find many different choice from beer, teh tarik and even fresh coconut. nothing is very very expensive here. Don't imagine hotel/restaurant's's hawker price! lovely! ;)

Most of the sellers are very nice and they give good and fast service. You don't have to wait that long for your food. Me and my family ordered seafood fried rice, grilled prawn (they come in different size of your choice), crispy baby squids, kang koong, grilled sting ray...yes sting ray! and it's so yummy, also ordered chili crab ow don't forget the sambal..yuumm..big dinner :)

Seafood fried rice and kang koong

yummy grilled prawn and crispy baby squids

this is the sting ray :p

and finally....chili crab!!

Newton Food Centre is nice for family dinner or just to have dinner with some friends before you start your nightlife in Singapore. Choices of food may vary but not that much..most of them serve the same menu. But overall it's nice, like this food centre, recommend this and would like to come again.  


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