Monday, 11 February 2013

Trying Konro at Raja Konro Daeng Naba

I never eat konro before. Maybe it's a shame as Indonesian that I haven't eat konro haha..what's konro? Basically it's a rib. Just like a rib in steak house but it comes with traditional ingredients.

Raja Konro Daeng Naba is specialised in Makasar foods such as grilled konro, konro soup, kaledo soup etc. The place is quite nice,with air con inside so you won't feel Jakarta's heat inside. They also have smoking area outside.

I ordered their spicy konro with thailand sauce. It's yummy and the meat is soft enough to bite and chew.

And for the dessert, I ordered their Es Pisang Ijo or green banana ice. It's banana covered with some green flour with sweet syrup,coconut and ice of course. The banana is not soft enough for me..the green flour thingy is kinda hard to chew. I prefer the soft one that easy to bite and melt in your mouth.

Overall Raja Konro is ok..pretty nice place and good spicy konro. Try if you are curious about Makasar food :)

Raja Konro Daeng Naba
Jl. Cikajang no.72
Kebayoran Baru,Jakarta Selatan.


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