Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lunar New Year Lunch at Fook Yew

Last sunday is Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year celebration. Yayyy..welcoming the year of the snake. Well..I didn't have a big old traditiononal celebration just had a nice lunch with hubby and son. Because I still hold some of the CNY food myth so I insist to have Chinese cuisine. Yes..I still believe that eating noodles on new year will bring longevity hehehe..

We choose Fook Yew for our lunch. Located in Gandaria City, Fook Yew is a very unique and nice restaurant. I love the interior..reminds me of old Chinese tea house in those historical or kung fu movie.

We ordered xiao long bao, seafood fried noodles ( I really recommend it!!) ,sweet and sour chicken also tofu. The foods are very nice..good taste yuuumm..somehow the food taste is remind me of those small restaurants aroung HongKong which I miss a lot.

Overall Fook Yew is a very nice place to eat with friends or family. A very nice combination of unique interior and good food. So if u like unique place with good food, you should try Fook Yew ;)

Fook Yew
Gandaria City
Mainstreet Ground Floor unit MG 25


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