Saturday, 23 February 2013

Warung Mie Aceh Setiabudi

I've been so curious about mie Aceh lately. I haven't tried it before and I heard it's delicious. One of the Mie Aceh stall in South Jakarta is Warung Mie Aceh Setiabudi beside SMA 3. It's not that hard to find if you already know where's SMA 3 located.

The warung is small and soo packed. Maybe because I went there at after office hour. Fortunately I can find a seat. The fragrance of the spices is in the air..making me hungry.

I ordered Mie Aceh Rebus with shrimp. It was nice and spicy. It would be more perfect if the spices could absorb more into the noodles and they could peeled the shrimp skin before they cook it. But it was nice afterall.

  Mie Aceh Rebus with Shrimp

And for the drink I ordered Ice Teh Tarik. I like this teh tarik. Very refreshing and not that sweet in my opinion. I don't like any drink that is too sweet. This teh tarik is very nice for me :)

Ice Teh Tarik

The price was also was pretty cheap. This warung would be a nice option for your lunch or dinner, especially if you're working around Setiabudi. Overall my experience at Warung Mie Aceh Setiabudi was nice. Would like to go there again and try different things on their menu :)

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