Friday, 25 October 2013

Gudeg Yu Djum, Wijilan

This is my 2nd trip to Jogja. The 1st time when I was a lil girl and I didn't remember much from that trip. So this trip feels like my 1st trip to Yogyakarta.

First stop is Gudeg Yu Djum at Wijilan street. I'm not a big fan of gudeg and bacem food but to be honest this gudeg taste very nice. I love the sambal krecek. The chicken was also nice, not too sweet like those bacem food.

Gudeg Yu Djum has many branches but my driver told me that the one in Wijilan is a must try. Wijilan street is famous as gudeg central but Yu Djum is the most famous I think.
A must try food when you are visitng Yogyakarta :)

Wijilan street, gudeg center
Gudeg Yu Djum, Wijilan
Gudeg for lunch

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