Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cozy Lunch at Ninety Nine Grand Indonesia

Ninety Nine is located at Grand Indonesia, East mall, lower ground near Ranch Market. This place is pretty cozy to have lunch or maybe just snacking with your besties. With various good foods and refreshing beverages on their menu, Ninety Nine is one of the place that you should try if you're visiting Grand Indonesia. And I think, if you're a shopaholic you're gonna like this place because you can go straight to the stores in Grand Indonesia East Mall after finished your lunch here (uuww..I can see Chanel boutique from where I seated *drooling*)

my orders are garlic bread, Hong Kong noodles with shredded chicken and mushroom sauce with fried shrimp dumpling (pretty long huh) and of course my fave tea, Earl Grey tea. Their price is still reasonable and worth for their good foods and drinks and their coziness. 

Garlic bread at Ninety Nine

yummy Hong Kong noodles 

Ninety Nine is getting crowded and crowded on lunch time, I suggest you to come earlier if you want to have lunch here because they don't receive any booking. Or maybe you can come here in the afternoon just to avoid the crowdedness for afternoon snack or just having cocktails with your friends. 


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