Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Homemade BBQ Salsa Cheeseburger

Burger are junk food? why don't try to make your own burger or in North Korea famous as "minced beef with patty" (my brother told me that). I'm sure it will be healthier than buying burger from fast food restaurant, even I know fast food restaurant is very very tempting *drooling*. OK lets forget fast food restaurant for a while, lets make our own homemade burger :)

you need:
1/2 pack of instant soup (any flavour will do, I use chicken flavour)
half of onion
half tomato
2 garlic (grate them)
pack of minced beef/ or chicken if you like
breads (soaked in water)
BBQ sauce
sliced cheese

- mix instant soup, minced beef,garlic, 1-2 tablespoon BBQ sauce, breads then start to make the patties.
- melt butter in a grilling pan, grilled onion with sugar to make caramelized onion.
- grilled the patties till brown then put the cheese on top of it.
- put it on the burger bun, top it with lettuce,tomatoes, caramelized onion and salsa sauce and any other condiments of your choice

salsa sauce :
half tomatoes
1-2 garlics
1-2 red onions
red chilies
green chilies
half lemon (squeeze it to get the juice)

dice all ingredients, mix it together.

                                     My homemade BBQ Salsa Cheeseburger

*source :  www.cooks.com, Masak Seru Bareng si Tukang Masak, Bara Pattiradjawane

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