Monday, 25 January 2010

Ramen Sanpachi 38

Last saturday I went to Ramen Sanpachi 38 with hubby. I'm craving for ramen since like weeks ago and my cousin, Hanny recommended this place. Ramen 38 is located at Kamome Supermarket 2F, Melawai Jaksel. When we got there's very fuull!! maybe it's because of lunch time. But we werent wait for too long. They have many ramen menus and also other Japanese foods such as gyoza, edamame, rice curry etc. But their main specialty of course the ramen..yumm yumm..
I orderd Tan Men Ramen, the waiter told me the soup made from stock and soy sauce, it has vegetables and beef inside. My hubby ordered one of the Ramen 38 specialty which is Jigoku Ramen. It's the spiciest ramen there, you're gonna love it if you are a spicy lover. You can choose the spiciness of your Jigoku Ramen from no 1 till no 10. The waiter told us that no.3 is for medium spiciness.
We can also choose the noodle we like, they have straight noodle and curly noodle. We choose curly noodles. I recommend to choose your noodle in medium overripe so you can still enjoy the chewiness of the ramen.

Ramen Sanpachi 38, very full..maybe it's because of lunch time

My order,Tan Men Ramen

Jigoku Ramen with the spiciness no.3 and it's already taste so HOT!

Surpriseee...FREE jelly for dessert yumm...yumm

And if you like Japanese comics, you can also read them while waiting for your order or maybe when you're enjoying your foods. I like this small cute ramen restaurant, and i would like to have another ramen lunch here, anyone?? :)

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